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International Journal of Agricultural Management 

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Contents :


L. Inghelbrecht,  J Dessein, G. Van Huylenbroeck

                                       The ‘wickedness’ of GM crop applications in the European Union

Refereed Articles

Ulf Morfeld, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann, Joachim Krieter

                                       Application and comparison of risk adjusted performance-indicators in the context of pig production

Willem Hoffmann and  Theo Kleynhans

                                       Facilitating small grain production system innovation in the Western Cape, South Africa

Tyler B. Mark, Joshua D. Detre, Paul M. Darby, and Michael E. Salassi

Energy cane usage for cellulosic ethanol: estimation of feedstock costs and comparison to corn ethanol

Sanzidur Rahman and Md. Sayedur Rahman

                                       Exploring the potential and performance of maize production in Bangladesh 

Willie Ryan, Padraig French, Dennis Minogue, Eimear M. Ruane, Laurence Shalloo

                                       Economic evaluation of a range of options for the management of soiled water/dilute slurry on Irish dairy farms.

Conference Paper

H.A.B. van der Meulen, M.A. Dolman, J.H. Jager and G.S. Venema

                                       The impact of farm size on sustainability of Dutch dairy farms

Book Review        

David Kahan    Farm Management Extension Guides (FAO)

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