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International Journal of Agricultural Management 

New Editor

Dr Matt Lobley, Co-Director of the Centre for Rural Policy Research at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, is the new Editor of IJAM.  Matt is no stranger to IJAM, as he has been a member of the Editorial Board since its inauguration, a trusted reviewer and author of a refereed article.  He takes over from Martyn Warren, Editor for the first three and a half years of the journal's life.

Volume 4, number 2 (January 2015) of IJAM is now available to subscribers on the Ingenta website at http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/iagrm. 

Special issue: Agricultural sustainability through agrifood system management.

Guest Editors:  Dionysis D. Bochtis , Thiago Libório Romanelli , Dimitrios Aidonis 

Contents :


Refereed Articles

Working time requirement for different field irrigation methods

Katja Heitkämper, Thomas Stehle, Matthias Schick


Comparative incident analysis of pressure cleaner injuries among employees on Austrian farms

Elisabeth Quendler, Robert Kogler, Hannes Mayrhofer, Josef Boxberger


Development of a weight-based technique for 'packages labelled by count' of agricultural products

Avital Bechar and Gad Vitner


Stakeholders involvement on establishing public-private partnerships through innovation in agricultural mechanization: a case study

A. Wermeille, J.P. Chanet, M. Berducat, D. Didelot


Logistics Processes Prioritization in the Agrifood Sector

Dimitris Folinas, Dimitris Aidonis, Ioannis Manikas, Dionysis Bochtis


Material and energy demand in actual and suggested maintenance of sugarcane harvesters

Edemilson José Mantoam, Thiago Libório Romanelli, Marcos Milan

Book reviews

 Rural Women in Leadership: Positive Factors in Leadership Development, by Lori Ann McVay

Ivy Drafor


Empowering Rural Women:  Micro-enterprise through Achievement Motivation , by  Kiron Wadhera and George Koreth

Karen Brosnan

All issues up to and including Vol 3-2 are now available free to non-subscribers at http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/iagrm   

Here's a useful and readable guide for would-be authors of journal articles If every author followed this advice they would save themselves, and the IJAM Editor, a great deal of time and effort.  And, in some cases, disappointment:  http://getalifephd.blogspot.hu/2014/05/how-to-publish-article-in-academic.html

Even better is  How to get your writing published in scholarly journals by Linda Olson, a free download from Proofreading Services:  www.proof-reading-services.org/guide/index.html  This is stuffed full of good advice, written by someone who understands the frustrations of being a journal editor.  I particularly like the emphasis on careful observance of the guidance for contributors - very few submissions to IJAM get this right, and some get it so wrong that they bite the dust immediately.  If you want your article to have the best chance of publication, and your Editor to stay sane, read this book!

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